Our mission

We exist to provide superior comfort and safety for babies and to give parents the tools they need to get more autonomy back in their life.

Our philosophy

Here at Heetee, we deliver technology for you, and so we take the words ‘product development’ very seriously. We have partnerships with several reputable technological institutions and invest heavily in R&D and testing in order to make sure we deliver the safest, most ground-breaking products.

Our engineers and designers worked tirelessly to develop a chassis and a power system that satisfies the most stringent safety, manoeuvrability and reliability standards. We can proudly state we have created one of the most stable and secure pushchairs ever made.

A substantial amount of our products are manufactured in the UK and Spain, where we have world-class testing and assembly facilities to ensure we only deliver the highest quality products. We thoroughly test every single pushchair before shipping, so you know yours was made especially for you.

Our technology

Our team of engineers and designers is very proud of having achieved what seemed to be a mission impossible. Develop such innovative technology and be able to integrate it in such attractive design. We cannot be more pleased of being one of the three finalists for the Kind+Jugend Innovations Awards 2017 with the Heetee Power System of sustainable energy in Cologne, Germany, one of the most important fairs worldwide.

We have developed a pushchair that generates energy when you push it. Green and safe energy, a sustainable design and technology that help you reduce your carbon footprint and give your child a head start in reducing theirs, too.

Nurture your baby with every push. Our technology transforms the energy you generate in functionality that provides such wellbeing to your baby like no other pushchair can provide, and you parents get more freedom and autonomy back in your life. Heating seats for him not to ever feel cold and keep his body temperature regulated to its optimum point, feeding bottle warmer to maintain the feeding bottle warm anywhere you are, tablet dock to amuse your baby when you most need it, USB port to charge your smartphone anywhere, anti-roll system to avoid the baby falling over when removing the seat, suspension system that acts directly on the seat so your baby feels less bumps and road imperfections, lower chassis design that delivers 60% more stability than the normative enforces, and offers a manoeuvrability that no other pushchair can match.

We have several dyno tests where we road test our pushchairs 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to guarantee an optimal function and reliability in different riding scenarios.


Technological advances

Heated Seats

Activate the heated seat to reach your baby's optimal comfort level. The temperature constantly auto-regulates itself, ensuring that it never exceeds your baby’s body temperature and provides the utmost comfort sensation at all times. Just choose your favourite colour of heating pad for the seat or carrycot and connect it to the chassis.

Bottle warmer

Don't be chained to your home, keep your feeding bottle at prime temperature for feeding – there’s no need to worry about finding a nearby establishment. The system intelligently conserves energy by switching on and off to keep the bottle temperature constant. Alternatively, use it as a cup holder.

Tablet dock

You can multi-task, Heetee adapts to the reality of your day so you can take that important call or enjoy the freedom to socialize without missing a beat while still entertaining your baby.

USB port

Charge any mobile device on the go.

Safety advances

Anti-roll system

Our seat is designed to never tip over, even if you remove it while your baby is inside. The system ensures that you have a secure grip over the seat with 4 different position settings.

High-tech design

Our chassis design features a levelled centre of gravity. The lower chassis has been designed to provide greater stability than in any other pushchair, outperforming the legal standard requirements by 60%.


The automatic brake acts over the two rear wheels instantly at the push of the brake button in case you need to suddenly stop the pushchair.

Confort advances


Our intricate suspension system withstands the impact of road conditions, resulting in a smoother ride and easier steering.

One hand

A design of the lower chassis that only requires one hand to manoeuvre effortlessly the Mayfair in any situation and only one hand to fold it and place it upright when folded, for easy storage.

Two-position forward

You have the option to ride the pushchair either generating or not generating energy. Lift up the lever one position and engage the generating system. Lift the lever one more position up and disengage the system.