Heetee Mayfair

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Ground-breaking technology and sleek design, the Mayfair empowers parents with every push. You can offer your baby the wellbeing that no other pushchair can offer, and you parents can get more autonomy back in your life. Unlock your potential and discover what this pushchair is capable of doing.
You are looking at the most advanced and innovative pushchair in the market now. It’s advances:
• Heated seats to provide your baby the same warmth that you give him.
• Feeding bottle warmer so you are able to warm the feeding bottle anywhere you are.
• Tablet dock so you can amuse your baby with a didactic game or cartoons.
• USB port so that you can charge any mobile on the go.
All these advances to give greater comfort for the baby and for you parents to get more autonomy back in your life, and we achieve that in a sustainable way. You care about the environment because it is you generating the energy, just push it and start generating green and safe energy to enjoy the technological advances accomplished by these team of engineers.
This pushchair is safer, more stable and easy to manoeuvre. We have integrated an anti-roll system which avoids the baby falling over when removing the chair from the chassis. The suspension system acts directly over the baby’s seat providing enhanced ridding comfort. The chassis design allows manoeuvring and folding the pushchair with only one hand.
We are sure that you will enjoy this pushchair as much as we have enjoyed making it.

• Heated seats [more info..]

• Feeding bottle warmer [more info..]

• Tablet dock [more info..]

• USB port [more info..]

• Anti-roll system [more info..]

• Suspension system [more info..]

• Lower chassis design [more info..]

  • 1 chassis with 4 wheels and leather handle
  • 1 frame for seat and carrycot
  • 1 seat
  • 1 carrycot
  • 1 canopy
  • 1 footmuff for the seat
  • 1 footmuff for the carrycot
  • 1 seat heating pad
  • 1 carrycot heating pad
  • 1 shopping basket
  • 1 hypoallergenic mattress
  • 1 leather bumper bar
  • 1 safety belts

• Mosquito net integrated in the seat

• Use it from birth, comes with 1 carrycot and 1 seat, same frame

• See-through sun canopy

• Reversible seat

• Three-position reclinable seat

• Auto-lockable quick-release swivel wheels

• Quick-release rear wheels

• Two-position leg rest

• Car seat compatible

• Five point harness with height adjustable shoulder straps

• Leather adjustable handlebar

• Multi-position leather bumper bar

• All fabrics are machine washable

• Chassis weight 10.4Kg

• Seat weight 3.3Kg

• Dimensions Folded 94 x 51.5 x 49.5 cm

• Dimensions Unfolded 97 x 58 x 107 cm

• Stand-still folded

• Shopping basket 18.5 litre

• Twin adaptable