The first pushchair designed to help parents

Heetee makes a bit easier the complications of being parents and helps you to nurture your baby with every push.

Smart Heat

Smart Heat
bottle warmer

Bump Free




The most
Sustainable pushchair

Sustainable design and patented technology to help reduce your carbon footprint.

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El carrito más

Heetee genera su propia energía en cada paseo, para que tú no pierdas la tuya.


Superior safetyfor your child and for you

We have developed the latest technology exceeding the standard requirements in the market to accomplish the safest pushchair ever.
You can feel at ease with our product.

Technology and innovationthought for your comfort

Our patented design prioritizes your baby’s comfort at all times, with functionalities that will make your life easier, too.

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La más avanzada

Cuida de tu bebé con cada impulso. Heetee Mayfair genera energía limpia para proporcionar bienestar a tu bebé y recuperar más autonomía en tu vida. Nuestra tecnología fue galardonada en la feria más importante del sector, la Kind+Jugend de Colonia (Alemania), con el Premio de “Producto Más Innovador”.

Every pushchair is

We are so careful in everything we do from the beginning to the end. Every pushchair is sewed by hand, one by one. They are exclusive pieces.

Accessoriesthat reflect your style

Customise your Heetee with our great range of accessories. Use different colour combinations that reflect your unique style and personality.

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Accesoriosque reflejan tu estilo

Encuentra en esta sección los accesorios adicionales con los que podrás crear tu propio estilo. Todos los accesorios están diseñados para que los intercambies cómodamente.

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Did you know that Heetee pushchairs are the most sustainable in the market?

In Heetee we care that much for your children future that we have committed to create the most sustainable pushchair to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Recharge energy in every push with your Heetee and use it when you need it. Extra energy for your comfort, autonomy and care for the planet.

We received an award from Kind +Jugend, the most important baby industry trade fair worldwide, which named our patented technology the Most Innovative.