About us & our technology

Our mission

We exist to provide superior comfort and safety for babies and to give parents the tools they need to get more autonomy back in their life.

Our philosophy

Here at Heetee, we deliver technology for you, and so we take product development very seriously. We partner with several reputable technological institutions and invest heavily in R&D in order to deliver the safest, most ground-breaking products.

Our engineers and designers worked tirelessly to develop a chassis and power system that satisfy the most stringent safety, manoeuvrability and reliability standards. We can proudly state that we have created one of the most stable and secure baby carriages ever made.

A substantial amount of our products are manufactured locally in Spain, where we have world-class testing and assembly facilities to ensure we only deliver the highest-quality products. We thoroughly test every single carriage before shipping, so you know yours was made especially for you.

We have several dyno tests where we road test our baby carriages 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to guarantee an optimal function and reliability in different riding scenarios.

Our technology

Our team of engineers and designers is very proud of achieving what, at the outset, seemed nearly impossible: Developing such an innovative technology and integrating it into such an attractive design was a unique challenge. That is why we could not be more pleased at winning the prestigious Kind+Jugend Innovations Award in Cologne, Germany for our patented, sustainable energy power system. Kind+Jugend is one of the most important trade fairs worldwide.

Nurture your baby with every push. You power the baby carriage with every push, creating green, safe energy to cocoon your baby in comfort and style. Our sustainable design and patented technology help reduce your carbon footprint and give your child a head start in reducing theirs, too!

Our technology transforms the energy you generate in a manner that improves your child’s wellbeing like no other. For example, our seat warmer maintains your child’s body temperature at an optimum level, preventing them from ever feeling too cold. With our patented technology, they will always feel just right.

Bonus:Parents, your quality of life is improved, too! No more having to run home to feed your baby, or awkwardly requesting that a restaurant heat your bottle: Our built-in bottle warmer allows you to continue enjoying your day out, no matter where you are.

The luxuries don’t end there:  You also have a tablet dock (to amuse your baby when you most need it), a USB port (to safely charge your smartphone anywhere), a special anti-roll system (to prevent your child from tipping over when removing the seat), a unique suspension system (so they feel less bumps despite road imperfections, making for a smoother ride), and a modified chassis design (delivering 60% greater stability and offering manoeuvrability that no other pram can match).