Best quality materials and finishDesigned to ease use and storage


A canopy with rear see-through window and front sunshield. Just choose your colour and switch canopies quickly and easily so you can personalise your Heetee for every occasion.

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Heating Pads

Keep you baby warm in style. Choose the heating pad colour you most like and combine it with the colour options for the canopy and seat so you can build your unique Heetee.

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Built-inMosquito net

Finally, a mosquito net that’s easy to set up and remove. Protect you baby from insects without compromising the light or air your baby needs. Store it in the pocket below the seat or carrycot when you’re not using it.

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A raincover thought to cover not only your baby but also your hands and bag, because we don’t want them to get wet.
It will surprise you how little space takes once its folded.

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The perfect complement for your pushchair. Spacious, full of pockets and small details to store all what you need and with so much style that you’ll surely use it even if you’re not with your Heetee.

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