Discover useful and stylish accessories, personalise using different colour combinations that reflect your unique style and personality. All accessories are really easy to swap.


Canopy with rear see-through window and front sunshield. Just choose your colour and switch canopies fast and easy so you can personalise your Mayfair for every occasion.

Choose colour


Get the heating pad colour you like most and combine it with the canopy and the seat so you can create your Mayfair as you like.


Built-inmosquito net

Finally, a mosquito net easy to put, you can also keep it in the pocket below the seat or carrycot when you’re not using it.



Protect your child when it’s raining, and with the top layer, also protect your hand bag and hands. When you finish with it just fold it so it takes up almost no space.



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Discover why Heetee Mayfair is one of the safest baby carriages. Safety first.

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