It’s always great an extra bit of helpTechnology and innovation to help you

Heetee SmartHeated Seat

Cars have it and we love using it, how could you miss it in your baby’s pushchair! Our smart seat heating technology is designed to regulate the seat temperature automatically depending on the outdoor temperature. You child will always be protected on those colder days.

Heetee SmartBottle Warmer

Don’t be chained to your home. Keep your bottle at a prime temperature at all times – there’s no need to worry about finding a nearby establishment for help. Just worry about where to go, not the feeding.

And if he’s already eaten, use it yourself to carry your favourite drink!

Heetee Bump Free

It will be a ride in the park. Our intricate smooth suspension system withstands the impact of road conditions distributing it through the upper chassis and producing a “wave” effect which results in a smoother ride and easier steering.

Heetee Freehand

Our folding is designed to allow you to collapse the Mayfair with one hand in two easy steps.

It also remains upright when folded, permitting easy storage.


You will never run out of battery with our usb system. Have all your devices always ready with the smart usb port.
A call, that greatest hit that makes you smile, that video of his first steps… all matters. We don’t want you to miss a beat!

Tablet Friend

Mobile yes? Mobile no?… Whatever you want, but count on us to make it easy for you.
We incorporate technology for you to use it when and where you need it.
There will be so many other important dilemmas to waste time on this one.

Smart Power System

Nurture your baby with every push. You power the baby carriage with every push, creating green, safe energy to cocoon your baby in comfort and style.

Our sustainable design and patented technology help reduce your carbon footprint and give your child a head start in reducing theirs, too!

Own your
Heetee Mayfair

You are going to spend a long time together, make sure it combines with your life.