We can proudly state that we have created one of the safest baby carriages ever with the most innovative and avant-garde safety systems.


When you need to stop quickly, push the button to lock the rear wheels instantly.

Upbeat stability

Our chassis design features a levelled centre of gravity. Designed to provide greater stability than in any other baby carriage, outperforming the legal standard requirements by 60%.


Our seat is designed to never tip over, even if you remove it while your baby is inside.
The system ensures that you have a secure grip over the seat with 4 different position

Own yourHeetee Mayfair

If you want the most advanced and exclusive baby carriage for your baby, what are you waiting for? Hit the buy button and customise it.

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Generate energy with every push. Green and safe energy that help you reduce your carbon footprint and give your child a head-start in reducing theirs, too.