NurtureYour baby with every push

Generate energy with every push. Green and safe energy that help you reduce your carbon footprint and give your child a head-start in reducing theirs, too.


Instantly comfort your baby on those colder days. Activate the heated seat to reach your baby’s optimal comfort level. The temperature constantly auto-regulates to provide optimal comfort at all times.


Don’t be chained to your home, keep your feeding bottle at prime temperature for feeding – there’s no need to worry about finding a nearby establishment.
The system intelligently conserves energy by switching on and off to keep the bottle temperature constant.
Keep the feeding bottle warm or simply use it as a cup holder.


Heetee Mayfair, bringing the new technologies, offers you and your child the possibility of being amused and learn with different didactic games.


Don’t let your battery run out. Charge any mobile device anywhere on the go.

Own yourHeetee Mayfair

If you want the most advanced and exclusive baby carriage for your baby, what are you waiting for? Hit the buy button and customise it.

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Heetee Mayfair delivers greater comfort. The day can be exhausting, the Mayfair adapts to the reality of your day so you and your child can enjoy all its advances and feel better.

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