Warranty of heetee products


Your peace of mind is our priority. That is why this product warranty is our quality promise to you. We guarantee that this product is free from defects in workmanship and manufacturing materials at the time of purchase. During the production process your product was subjected to various quality checks however if despite our best efforts your product shows signs of material or manufacturing fault within the warranty period we will comply with the warranty terms & conditions.

After purchasing your product(s), please keep the original receipt safe in the pocket at the back of the warranty wallet. The date of purchase should be clearly visible so we can check when the product was purchased. We will only offer warranty services under this warranty to customers who can present the original proof of purchase.

Please note that our liability under this warranty is limited to the repair obligations set out below. We do not offer any monetary recompense for any claims under this warranty. However, nothing in this warranty affects any of your statutory rights.

This warranty right is not transferable and may therefore only be invoked by the first owner.



Your Heetee products are automatically covered by this warranty for 2 years from the date of purchase against material or manufacturing defects. This warranty is offered in addition to, and does not affect, your statutory rights.

This product warranty is currently only valid in the region in which the product was purchased, USA and Canada or Europe or Russia or Australia and New Zealand or Asia. Heetee guarantees that the product will be in compliance only with the statutory provisions and/or government regulations that apply in the region in which the product was sold. Heetee reserves the right to apply a divergent manufacturer’s guarantee for those specific regions.

If your product suffers a fault during the warranty period we will always endeavour to repair or replace like for like. However, we reserve the right to discontinue a model, colour fabric or accessory. If this occurs then we will replace your faulty item with one from our range which is of the nearest colour and value.

Where products or parts are replaced or repaired during the warranty period, this does not extend the warranty beyond the 2 year period from date of original purchase.

Heetee does not cover under warranty any defects if the product has been purchased second hand or from an unauthorised reseller.

The warranty will also apply if your Heetee product(s) are received as a gift. The warranty can be used by the owner of the product at any given time within the warranty period as long as the original proof of purchase can be presented.

Your 2 year product warranty covers:

  • All manufacturing faults on the chassis, seat and carrycot frame, and the wheels.

  • All manufacturing faults on adaptors (chassis, frame and car seat adaptors).

  • Zippers (manufacturing fault only).

  • All harness straps (manufacturing fault only).

  • All fabric seams (manufacturing fault only).

  • Colour fastness of all fabrics (manufacturing fault only).

Your 2 year product warranty does not cover:

  • Normal wear and tear, accidental damage, and damage caused by improper use, negligence, misuse or by not following the maintenance instructions.

  • In case of use or purpose other than described in the instruction manual.

  • If the product is submitted for repair through a retailer / distributor that is not approved or authorised by us.

  • If repairs have been carried out by third parties or a retailer who is not authorised or approved by us.

  • If the product shows signs of having been opened or intention to do so.

  • If the product serial number has been damaged or removed.

  • If your chassis becomes faulty after or during use with a buggy board or any other accessory that has not been approved by us.

  • Corrosion or rust on the wheels, chassis and other metal components due to environmental conditions including humidity, salt spray, ice or snow or due to poor maintenance.

  • Damage to handle bar foam and bumper bar foam push bars or upholstery due to normal daily use of the product.

  • Holes or tears in the wheels.

  • Airline or transport damage. When travelling, immediately check your Heetee product(s) after they have been handled by a transporter (i.e. baggage handlers) and report any damage directly to them.

If you feel that there is a problem with your Heetee product(s) then please contact your original approved Heetee retailer.



You are also entitled to upgrade your standard warranty one more complimentary year as per the terms and conditions below. All you have to do to activate your extra year of warranty is register your Heetee product(s) with us within 3 months of date of purchase. This applies to all Heetee products that contain a serial/batch number.

The Heetee extra year of warranty will also apply if the product has been received as a gift. The extra warranty can be used by the owner of the product at any given time within the extra warranty period as long as the original proof of purchase can be presented.

You don’t have to worry about registering your warranty when you purchase online at hee-tee.com. A 3 year warranty will be automatically assigned to any product you purchase in these circumstances. We will specify this on your purchase and you will also be able to access that warranty anytime you log in into your Heetee account.



If you purchased the product in a retailer or online, you must first go to your closest retailer and they will assess whether the fault: can be repaired in store, needs to be sent out for repair (in which case you will be issued with a temporary replacement – this only applies to pushchairs), or issue a replacement straight away.

If you don’t have any retailer close to you, you can make a claim online. Log in into your account and make the claim, you will need to provide the below information, please have it ready so that you can fill out all the necessary fields to make a successful claim.

  • A copy of the dated receipt of purchase.

  • A clear description of the complaint.

  • The serial number of the product.

  • The defective product and/or photographs of the defective part or product.